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Debunking a Conspiracy Theory with No Legs

by Sean Heaney

Avril Lavigne isn't dead. The Twitter thread was entertaining, but as the user who wrote it said, "it's literally just a theory". People have been taking it as fact though, and that's stupid. So there's a few key points they use as "proof". A difference of music, clothing style, and facial structure. The thread cites more but these are the ones I've heard the most.

For backstory, the Sparknotes version is this: Avril didn't want to do music anymore (at age 18) so they hired a lookalike to impersonate her. Then in 2003, Avril hung herself.

She started making music when she was 16, when she signed with Arista Records in 2000. An argument that I've heard above all others is that her music styles have changed. And for some reason that must mean she is dead. There's no possible way that she could have just changed as an artist, right? It's not like she started singing in her formative years and wanted to go in a different direction!

People change. I feel like I shouldn't have to say that.

"But she dresses different!" Jesus guys, can't you just let this woman dress how she wants without killing her off? Maybe she always wanted to dress this way, but had someone telling her she couldn't to preserve her image, I don't know. But in a sense, that's pretty much the point. I don't know, and neither do you. 

Finally, the facial structure of the two girls, Avril Lavigne and Melissa Vandella, her "twin". Look at these two images:

Yeah these two people look pretty much the same to me. I think any minor differences can be chalked up to her growing (you know, like a person does). 

The fact is that the thread didn't provide any proof. It constantly said, "an unknown source". Hello! Journalistic red flag! All of their proof is just a person changing and finding their voice from a young age. If any proof is provided, I'd have a different opinion, but everyone is just saying it's true because, "It just is!"

Journalism is dead everyone! Pack it up, we did our best but it's over. You can write anything and get people to agree with you.

By the way, did you know that Bill Nye is actually the son of Einstein and Neil deGrasse Tyson?