There Is a Fine Line of Respect

 Racism cannot be tolerated


     At every MLB game there are always people that yell and scream about the game or players. Sometimes people swear and sometimes people keep it clean. However, what happened at Fenway (and I'm sure other parks) can't occur.

     At the Sox and O's game, Adam Jones was the target of racial slurs and taunts from fans and even peanuts were thrown at the all star center fielder. This opened up a much needed conversation for MLB. The reality is that the ignorance of few should not taint the large number of people who watch the game the right way. Saying that MLB and the Red Sox need to make changes so that doesn't happen again. The Red Sox have announced that anyone who partakes in such racial taunts will not be welcomed at Fenway again and be given a life time ban. 

     This is a step in the right direction. Another was taken by Red Sox fans that gave a standing ovation to Adam Jones the next night before he stepped into the batters box. Jones has stood tall throughout a difficult situation and should be recognized for bringing a much needed conversation to the table without attacking either side in the process. Jones is a remarkable player on the field and does a lot for baseball and the community off the field. The way he has carried himself this week shows the kind of guy he is, an all star on and off the field.