How important is the NFL Draft ?

Look at the New York Giants Picks and Undrafted class


     The NFL Draft is one of, if not the most over hyped nights in all of sports. Not to mention it is boring as a fan to stay up into the late hours of the night to see your teams’ pick. As a Giants fan the night usually ends with me saying they took who?

     The same is true again this year for Giant fans, when New York selected TE Evan Engram for Ole Miss. While GM Jerry Reese targeted a definite need for the team, many “experts” didn’t have the TE going until much later in the draft. Who knows the pick could be great or it could be awful, the draft is really hit or miss. Many times solid players aren’t taken in the first three rounds (just ask the Patriots).   

     In recent years the Giants have not drafted well (with the exception of Odell Beckham Jr.). In fact they have had more luck with undrafted signees like Pro-Bowler Victor Cruz. With that said here are some of the undrafted free agents that could have an impact for Big Blue.  

     WR Travis Rudolph – The Florida State Seminole isn’t the biggest or fastest guy on the field, however he has sure hands. In his last season as a junior Rudolph caught 56 passes for 840 yards and 7 TDs. The Giants tend to take risks with their undrafted free agents that have question marks for off the field matters. That is not the case with Rudolph who is best known as the player who when visiting a school sat down and had lunch with a special needs student who unknown to Rudolph was getting bullied. It’s always nice to not have to worry about off field antics overshadowing play on the field and that’s the case with Rudolph.

     RB Khalid Abdullah – Abdullah is a wrecking ball. At 5’10’’ and 220 pounds the ex-James Madison University star rushed for 1809 yards on 298 carries for an avg. of 6.1 yds. /rush. While Abdullah isn’t much of threat as a receiver out of the backfield, that isn’t too much of a worry with the current roster of Shane Vereen and Paul Perkins who both can catch the ball down field or for screens. Addition of Abdullah could be big one down the stretch with injuries.