My Dirty Little Secret

I box every Saturday morning

by Michaela Super

                For close friends, family members, and even some teachers, this isn’t much of a shock. But I, Michaela Super, box in my free time.

Yes, I said it. I box, and let me tell you, it is a different kind of work out and skill level. I have played all kinds of sports; softball, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse. But nothing compares to boxing. Your feet, arms, upper body, and hips all have to work together to throw one punch. Every muscle in your body is used just to throw one punch. Most of us have playfully punched someone in a car for seeing a ‘punch buggy,’ but this is a totally different ball game.

Each Saturday I roll out of bed at 9 o’clock in the morning. I grab some food, change my clothes, and make sure I have my wraps. And then I am out the door. Driving to Bank Street in New London is such a piece of cake that I can do it from memory. I arrive, park my car and meet my smiling grandparents at the door. We walk into the gym together, and sometimes my grandmother helps with my wraps. She watches and coaches me through the whole session, dying to join in.

My grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few short years ago. She started boxing therapy to help with tremors and her motor skills, and it worked like a charm. Ever since her diagnosis, she has walked with a lip. We all assumed it was the Parkinson’s. But luckily for us, she had an assist growing on her spine, causing her to limp. In early March, she had spinal surgery and it was successful, so successful she no longer limps.

Since she is still recovering from her surgery, she has taken a break from boxing, yet she has only missed attending one of my classes. Without her, I wouldn’t have found my interest for boxing. Each week my punches are stronger and my upper cut form is better. And maybe I will start sparring, but who knows where my boxing career will take me.