The Love of My Life

Raw cookie dough

by Michaela Super

                I think it is safe to say most people eat raw cookie dough. And most people, including myself, are aware that you should never eat raw cookie dough, or raw baking mixes in general, due to the risk of uncooked ingredients and bacteria. Personally, I’m willing to take that risk. Who doesn’t love delicious chocolate chuck cookie dough? But I have a few tips that can make eating cookie dough (slightly) risk free.

                All bakers are aware of salmonella. This bacteria can be found in eggs, which are an important ingredient to cookie dough. If an egg is raw or lightly cooked, there’s a chance the salmonella isn’t fully killed (hence why eating raw cookie dough is bad). But here is a little hack for you.

                When mixing cookie dough, or even you favorite brownie batter, crack in a pasteurized egg. Pasteurized eggs are eggs that have been pasteurized to minimize the risk of food-borne illnesses. You can find them at your local grocery store. Look for the box of eggs that says “pasteurized” and has the red P stamp on each egg. But there’s another risk of eating raw cookie dough. And it’s actually the flour itself. Flour, a wheat plant, grows in open fields. Now, nature is nature. And animals need to release themselves, which has led to flour recalls. Be sure to throw out any flour that is on the recall list and may be contaminated with bacteria.

                I hope my helpful tips allow eating cookie dough to be a little less nerve racking. Sometimes in life you have to take some chances and take risks. For people who like to life on the edge, feel free to join me, and grab a spoonful of cookie dough