Life With a Concussion

Fourth one’s the charm

by Hannah Belleville

     I have spent the majority of these past two weeks in a mental fog. Focusing has not been a strength of mine. I often find myself zoning out while trying to hold a conversation, and whenever I catch myself and try to focus I am unable to. This leads to one word answers, a glassy gaze, and my fatigue reaching an all-time high. I get spells of feeling dizzy and as a result I am not allowed to drive. My emotions have been all wacked out, going from feeling nothing but tired to as sad or angry as I have ever been. And for some unknown reason to doctors sleep schedules get all messed up with concussions. I have gone from two weeks of not being able to sleep for more than three hours at a time to now sleeping half the day away, then waking up and still feeling tired.

     While I have dealt with the above symptoms from past concussions, there are two new symptoms that are making this whole healing process a heck of a lot harder and slower. When I whacked my head a few weeks ago I guess I hit it in the right spot with enough force to mess with my vestibular system. The way the doctor put it, the muscles around my eyes are out of sync so they are sending my brain mixed signals causing a headache on top of the concussion headache.

    Now I am on week four and I have seen some improvement. I have finally broken out of my fog for the most part, only entering back into it when I am tired. My sleep is starting to get back on track, although naps everyday are a must. However, as I heal I have mixed feelings. I have feelings of happiness because I can feel myself finally returning to myself. But I also have feelings of frustration because everything I could do athletic wise and strength wise I cannot do right now. In school focusing is still a struggle and remembering material that is being taught is not happening. One thing has not changed for me: I want to get back to playing soccer as soon as I can.