A woman's body is not your political playground

Stop policing a body that is not yours

     Approximately 830 women die per day all across the globe due to pregnancy complications. A mortality rate this high alone is enough to dissuade future moms, not to mention all the other struggles that come along with pregnancy. Being a mother is a choice that is going to impact you for the rest of your life. It's emotionally, physically, and economically taxing to care for another life in addition to your own. Many people would, and do, take time to decide if they believe parenthood is a good option for them. However, no matter how much planning goes into life, sometimes your plans get turned on their heads. Unplanned pregnancies happen, it's a part of life. But what do you do as an accidental mother in a world where people are actively campaigning against your rights?

     Everyone is entitled to an opinion: shown by the people who back anti-abortion, called the "pro-life movement". The issue comes when your entire movement is based on oppressing and shaming women to further your religious and political agenda. 

     Abortion is an issue of equality. How can women be considered equal when they are denied the right to decide when and how they'd like to build a family? Access to a safe and legal abortion is basic women's reproductive rights. There is no reason why men in positions of government should be standing up and trying to police something they will never be able to experience or understand in their lives. No, abortion is not a man's decision, nor will it ever be. The one person who can decide if pregnancy is the right option for them is the one carrying the child. 

     Also: who says that women are obligated to build a family in the first place? Women are not obligated to reproduce just because their body allows them to. Some people would rather work on their career, some would rather adopt, and some just don't want children. All of these reasons are valid. As such, reproductive freedom goes hand in hand with sexual and social freedom. In unplanned pregnancies, all the blame falls on the girl: "she should have used protection", "she shouldn't have sex if she doesn't want a kid", "she shouldn't be such a slut". Why are we not holding men accountable for their actions, as well? The argument against abortion is not out of concern for a child or the sanctity of "traditional" families, it's about finding ways to police women and enforce antiquated status quo. With putting the pro-life movement to rest, we would be leaps and bounds closer to dismantling outdated ideas on how a family "should" look (ex; nuclear family).

The theoretical rights of a bundle of cells does not outweigh the rights of a sentient human being. If you don't like abortion, don't have one. It's as simple as that. Feel free to have your own opinions, but keep your politics out of my uterus.