How to Properly Tailgate a Baseball Game

It's spring, which means a few gems of good news for this gal: nice weather (shorts! Birkenstocks!), concert season (see ya in a few weeks, Xfinity Theatre), and the return of ice cream shops all the way from Niantic to Salem. One thing that is new to me, however, is baseball. I've never been an avid baseball fan. The sport seemed too long and too boring for my short attention span. Before this spring, I'd been to one minor league game, and saw the school team fall to Notre Dame at state finals last year. It was pretty cool, but sitting in the stands was a little lackluster on top of an already slow game. The day I discovered the tailgate, however, changed everything. Students camped out in junior running around, blasting music, and eating game day food seemed like the perfect solution to counter the pace of baseball. Here are some of the ingredients crucial for a perfect tailgate. 

A Truck

Self explanatory. The truck is not just any old part of a tailgate: it is THE tailgate. The truck is the home base for all your lawn chairs, speakers, food, and any other party supplies. For the best results, line up as many trucks as you and your buddies can find and turn this tailgate into a PARTY.

Good Music

The grainy music coming from the press box between innings is not going to be enough to fuel your tailgate. Bring some speakers and place them strategically around your setup for maximum noise. Better yet, you could just play music straight from the stereo in your truck. Make sure your music matches the spring baseball atmosphere: aka, loud, rowdy, party country music!

Game Day Food

High school baseball games average two hours, so you've got to be prepared for anything. And by anything, I mean lots of hungry high school boys and girls. Considering most 17 year olds brag about how much food they can put down alone in one sitting, you're going to need a LOT of provisions. Perfect foods are small, finger foods that come in high numbers to a pack. Examples: wings, steak fries, chips, and sodas, of course. Be sure to locate the nearest trash can and consider dragging it over to your area.


Happy Tailgating, East Lyme!