24 Hour Challenge 

Why 24 HRs Challenge ? 

The entire point behind the movie and the project was to try something different. To push yourself to do more. The idea came from Casey Neistat, when he was tasked with making a movie for Nike about doing more in a day and measuring how productive that day is with Nike's then new Fuel band. Neistat traveled the world with no idea what was going to happen next just the thought of accomplishing something, and going somewhere. I did the same. I got a couple of my friends together told them to get their ski gear ready and off we went the next morning. My goal was to make spontaneous decisions that had an impact on my day. Whether that was jumping in the ocean in the middle of winter, or strapping my brand new GoPro to my skis then promptly losing the GoPro on the first run of the day. 

Either way the concept of the challenge is to make the most out of every day that you have. What better way to do that than using all 24 hours you're given? Obviously you don't have to travel far, or take a polar plunge to make every day count. Don't be afraid to ask yourself, what you can do in 24 hours?