The 2016-2017 Viking Saga will provide a website that brings an interactive source of online journalism, providing coverage on school and athletic events going on throughout the East Lyme community. We will use multimedia to entertain the viewer through opinion based articles that go beyond the print edition. The website will be a place where students share their opinion and promote students discussion and voice. 


The provides a news source that takes pride in being 100 percent accurate and fair. We enjoy informing our audience as well as being a entertaining website that anybody can utilize.


We are willing to take on any story that we deem is important to students. Although some stories can be difficult to handle we will never shy away from an issue that affects our community, whether good news or bad.


 Viking spirit is what drives us to work hard in informing our readership. We encourage the spread of pride in our school and what we stand for, and as always, "GO VIKES!"